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    Transaksi Aman

    Pesanan Diselesaikan Sesuai Dateline

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    Pengiriman Cepat

    3-4 Hari Barang Sampai Tujuan

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    Alamat Workshop

    Jl. Malaka Baru No. 30 Pondok Kopi

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About Us

Making Yasin Books is usually required for events 40 days, 100 days or 1000 days of the death of relatives or relatives. This spiritual activity is generally done on the Java community, although there is no obligation in Islam. but Yasinan has become a hereditary activity and culture one form to pray. Yassin book is much needed both yassin book with a standard cover or a variation according to request. Changes on the cover usually with the addition of name, event and Photo photo of the deceased / deceased. If you need Yasin Book Making service then you have right to visit website that has been proven to have experienced printing and sending yassin Book to various regions in Indonesia.


Professionalism is our goal in serving the needs of consumers to get the desired Yasin Book, thus it has been proven that we still exist for 7 Years of Printing Yasin Book for the Commemoration of the Death of the deceased / deceased. Especially for the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčDKI you just contact us and we will come to the office or to your home with samples of products we have created. For ordering outside DKI Jakarta can order online via email.