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    Transaksi Aman

    Pesanan Diselesaikan Sesuai Dateline

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    Pengiriman Cepat

    3-4 Hari Barang Sampai Tujuan

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    Alamat Workshop

    Jl. Malaka Baru No. 30 Pondok Kopi

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    Hubungi Kami

    Hotline 081291333452

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How to Order

How to Order Print Book

1. Decide on the model of your Choice product

2. Send the material via email to such as Photo, name, date of death of the deceased / h,
    introduction & name of the bereaved Family

3. Make a transfer of 50% of the total value of the transaction

4. Send SMS or email as confirmation that the transfer has been made

5. We will make Design & Draft order, length of work maximum 2 working days after the material received.

6. Design & Draft will be sent to your email for authentication confirmation (Approved)

7. After draft in ACC we will start printing process

8. Long work 7- 10 working days, or adjusted for the quantity of goods ordered

9. Repayment at the time the goods are taken or shipped